Ever wondered what kind of Research and Development (R&D) RIM put BlackBerry devices through? Thanks to Ryan, Hardware Engineering Technician in the Hardware Support Lab at Research In Motion, we get a cool glimpse at the stress tests.

Water Test


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Ryan drops a Curve 9360 into some yucky looking yellow water. This is called the “Moisture Ingress Test” and it’s one of the many important tests that they perform on your BlackBerry smartphone to make sure that it lasts. The water contains a dye so that they know where water can enter a BlackBerry smartphone; with this info, they can improve the device’s water seal.

Drop Test


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In the drop test, every BlackBerry smartphone model gets dropped hundreds of times before the hardware is deemed strong enough for mass production and consumer use. When dropped, the BlackBerry smartphone is filmed using high-speed cameras for review and analysis that could lead to revisions in hardware design to make the device stronger and more durable. Every design revision is then tested to make sure it can endure consumer use – whether that’s on a construction site, in the boardroom, or downtown with your friends.

Bend Test


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Why does RIM conduct bend tests? Many people like to keep their BlackBerry in their back pocket and will sometimes accidentally sit on them. This test is conducted to ensure your BlackBerry is strong enough to withstand accidentally being sat on.

via InsideBB