We previously reported on the chaotic launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 in Indonesia. During which at least 90 people fainted and several were injured as thousands of people stampeded through the barricades. Jakarta police have been investigating the matter and are pointing fingers at RIM. “We have named one person a suspect, from the event organizers,” said the chief of South Jakarta Police, Sr. Comr. Imam Sugianto.  “We have charged [the suspect] with violating Article 360 of the Criminal Code, for negligence which resulted in severe injuries,” the police chief said.

Customers were initially told they needed to collect a red bracelet in order to receive the 50% off discount on the Bold 9790. There was such a demand that later the event coordinators decided to no longer use the bracelets. It outraged other customers who saw those without bracelets getting the chance to purchase the Bold 9790, not knowing the bracelets were no longer needed. As such, the outraged customers began to storm the store, which eventually resulted in the chaotic stampede.

The Jakarta police are still investigating and say they may call more suspects in the case. Do you think RIM should have better managed the crowd, despite not knowing how large it would become? If you were there, let us know your experience.

via Jakarta Globe