In an interview at CES 2011 with PCMag, Co-CEO and founder of Research In Motion, Mike Lazaridis, commented on the present and future of BlackBerry products. Mike did solidify even further the plan to bring QNX to BlackBerry handheld smartphones, or ‘super phones’ as they’re being dubbed. The only catch is the the new ‘super phones’ will have to be dual-core in order to efficiently handle the QNX operating system. As it stands, Mike does not think current multi-core processors are what they want to use due to “Battery life, size, weight, thickness, cost,” not being up to their standards.

While it appears Mike has no fear of the current competition, stating “I think in this kind of business you have to have a lot of planning. It’s one thing to take a reference design and package it. It’s another thing to build a platform that can grow with your customers’ needs, that can grow with where the market is going as opposed to where the market is today. To provide that uncompromised performance for enterprise, for government, for large corporations as well as provide an experience for the consumer that’s unique,” it is unclear when we might see a BlackBerry ‘super phone’.

Mike has said that they’ve put together a 10 year business model, with an emphasis on three things, “there’s the BlackBerry communications device, there’s the tablet, and there’s the super phone, the super smartphone.” Since RIM has such an extended strategy, this may be why they do not seem pressured by Apple, HTC, Motorola, LG, or any of the other smartphone manufacturers that have already advanced their hardware. Perhaps we will see an even bigger tiered line-up of BlackBerry devices, with more enty-level smartphones hitting 2G countries and eventually ‘super phones’ with 4G capabilities, whenever the price is right.

We like that RIM has stayed true to that they do not want to rush any products to the market (for the most part, *cough* Storm). However, with their plans for a 10 year business model, it begs the question: how long will we really have to wait for a ‘super phone’? We hope for our own sanity and the community of current BlackBerry users, that RIM will soon ‘wow’ us again (like they did with the PlayBook) with a great line-up of BlackBerry ‘super phones’.