RIM will be introducing a new accessory tonight at the BlackBerry Solutions Showcase from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in the Palms Ballroom. The new accessory, BlackBerry Music Gateway, lets you play music to your home or car stereo wirelessly from your BlackBerry smartphone, PlayBook or any other bluetooth enabled device.

Those of you going to BBW will be able to check out the showcase for the duration of the event. Here are some other features:

  • Connections Made Simple – Using NFC, simply tap your NFC enabled BlackBerry to connect to the BlackBerry Music Gateway**, or connect via standard Bluetooth for universal connectivity of any Bluetooth enabled device such as smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Enjoy Wireless Freedom – Play music from your BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry PlayBook, orany other Bluetooth enabled device. BlackBerry Music Gateway connects to any existing home stereo equipment or car stereo using the RCA or 3.5mm cables included in the box
  • Wireless Remote Control – Use your device as the remote for complete control of playback, track changes, and volume.
  • Multitasking – Access other applications or surf the web while playing music. Music automatically pauses when an incoming phone call is received and continues when the call is ended without skipping a beat.

The BlackBerry Music Gateway will begin shipping in June 2012 and will be available onwww.shopblackberry.com for US$49.99.