RIM has always given a very special attention to BlackBerry developers and their needs. It’s no secret that they work very hard to make it easy and profitable to be a BB dev, which is why this shouldn’t be a surprise. Research in Motion is investing $100 million to build a developer community for BlackBerry platform. With the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS coming in Q1 2013, developers are a huge part of the platforms’ success.

RIM will be running several developer programs to help and attract new developers to the platform. Some of you might already know, RIM is offering developers $10,000 to make a paid app. The only condition is the app must make at least $1,000 on the first year. This is something that will sound very appealing to many.

But that’s not all RIM has been doing to help and attract developers to the BlackBerry platform. As you all may already know, they were giving out free PlayBooks to developers who submitted qualifying apps to App World. They have also been handing out BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices to devs attending BB Jam from all around the world and is planning on giving out some more.

So developers, are you sticking with BlackBerry or jumping to another platform? Let us know in the comments!

via SeekingAlpha