As you most likely know, Research In Motion has had a rocky past two years. This year has been even worse for them in North America as they’re stock value has dropped below their assets worth. However, one of RIM’s leading investors believes people are going to be surprised when RIM releases BBX phones.

“People think it’s [BlackBerry] a melting ice cube,” Leon Cooperman told  Bloomberg. “We think the new operating system is going to surprise people.” Cooperman and his company Omega Advisors Inc., which bought a stake of about $28 million in RIM last quarter, has a lot at stake.

RIM has been known to show their upcoming ideas and products months in advance to key investors and corporate buyers. Perhaps Cooperman has gotten a first hand look at RIM’s upcoming phone and BBX operating system. Given what we’ve heard thus far on BBX, do you believe it is ‘going to surprise people’?