Wait, say what? Research In Motion is still hiring despite their massive 5,000 job cuts? Yes, the company is still actively seeking new talent. Since July of this  year, RIM has posted about 181 new job listings. Doing a search for ‘software’ you’ll find close to 200 positions looking to hire individuals who are Software Developers, Software Test Specialists and Software Designers, basically the people who will be working on BB10 until it is ready.

To put the size of this into perspective, IBM has posted nearly the same about of job listings. RIM, who has about 5% of the overall workforce as IBM, is hiring about the same amount. Meanwhile, they have publicly stated they would be cutting 10% of their workforce. The company has already suffered one delay, allegedly due to “the right chipset not being ready.” The second delay came as BlackBerry 10 deemed to be a heavy project (which should be expected).

Let’s hope the new hunt for talent isn’t a sign for another delay. Perhaps RIM just needs the additional developers and testers in order to complete the release time-frame that they’ll hopefully stay true to. RIM cannot afford a third delay, but if the added staff cannot be found, is it likely?

via Seeking Alpha