Go a head and take this one with a grain of salt as we try to gain more information. However, the same source who helped us exclusively break the first stories on the ‘BlackPad’ (back in May 2010) now known as the BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as the BlackBerry Presenter and many more, has passed on some information to us regarding a ‘BlackBerry Media Box’. Our source made it clear, however, that the BlackBerry Media Box would likely be less consumer focused than Apple TV, but you may still find 3rd party services integration.

We’re told this BlackBerry Media Box seems to be a crossover of the BlackBerry Presenter and a set top box like Apple TV. Interestingly enough, it is said the BlackBerry Media Box is based on similar hardware as the BlackBerry PlayBook. It should even be powered by the QNX operating system. Our guess is we could see this product released by late 2011, but don’t hold us to it. Details are slim, regardless we figured you’d like to know at least something about a possible new BlackBerry product. We’ll definitely continue to inform you as we receive further information.