Research In Motion recently released the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard. RIM says with this ultra-portable companion for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you’ll work better and faster. Here’s how RIM says the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard boosts productivity:

  • Full Screen Viewing. When using the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, you can take full advantage of the PlayBook tablet’s high-resolution screen while typing – no on screen keyboard to take away valuable screen real estate.
  • One cord, less wires! The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard can hold a charge for up to 30 days. When a boost is needed, simply use your PlayBook tablet charger to charge the keyboard.
  • Familiar Shortcuts. The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard makes it easy to conduct familiar keyboard shortcuts for copying, pasting, selecting all and more.
  • Run Your Office Desktop Remotely. Combined with the Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry PlayBook, business users can work from their PlayBook tablet just as they would from their office desktop.
  • Portable. Complete with a convertible case that doubles as a device stand, the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard enhances your PlayBook as a mobile computing solution – whether you’re in a coffee shop, at the airport or anywhere in-between.
  • Let Your Fingers Do The Walking. The keyboard’s integrated touchpad allows you to easily navigate your PlayBook tablet – tap to simulate a mouse click, tap with two fingers to right-click, and scroll vertically using an two-fingered up or down swipe.

The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard connects to the PlayBook tablet through Bluetooth and works with the core PlayBook OS 2.0 apps, as well as third party applications. The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is now available for US$119.99 at Shop BlackBerry and on a special promotion from The Source in Canada for $99.99. We have ours so stay tuned for the review!