Yet again, another lead position has just left Research In Motion. This time, Alex Ivanovic, who was the Lead Product Manager of BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365.  Alex was in charge of the new RIM-hosted BlackBerry-enterprise service available for Microsoft Office 365. The new RIM-hosted service will offer a feature set that is similar to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, and will initially be available for Microsoft Exchange Online for Office 365 on a subscription basis.

If you look at Alex’s LinkedIn profile, you will see his new job is at NuLayer, a Toronto-based mobile and web development company for iPhone and iPad. We’re sad to see more RIM talent going to the a different platform. But, according to Alex’s Twitter page it would appear he’s very happy to have made the switch. Hopefully, this will only open up doors for other talent to get integrated at RIM.

Thanks Specialst!