Recently at an enterprise conference in Boston, RIM announced a few new ideas and features they’re planning to implement to BES. One of those was the BlackBerry Balance, we told you about a few days ago. RIM is now considering management support and services for non-BlackBerry devices. Vice president Pete Devenyi hinted in an interview that they are considering this as an option to those who may be moving away from BlackBerry devices (JPMorgan).

“BlackBerry is and will continue to be dominant in most corporations,” Devenyi said. “[But] it’s not going to be the only device given the fact that consumers have the choice to bring in their own devices and IT departments are often letting them in. So there’s a question there. Do those corporations have to manage those devices differently or is there the possibility that RIM might extend capabilities to make it easier for those corporations to manage those devices as well?”

The BlackBerry Connect feature is already capable of managing some non-BlackBerry devices as long as they run in a code that RIM’s software can understand. Otherwise, Devenyi noted, that it was possible to change the service to accept any non-BlackBerry device. This may have some scratching their heads in disbelief, while others may think it is a smart move in positioning BES as more all-around management service, similar to Microsoft Exchange.

Nothing is certain, and it is only being considered at this point. Do you think it would be a smart move for RIM to make BES a more open management platform for corporations?

via AllThingsD