*UPDATE* Some more interesting news has come out regarding the RIM vs Kik debacle. Apparently, Kik’s founder, Ted Livingston, is a past RIM employee, for none other, than the BBM dev team. Now the conspiracy theories have more fuel for the fire! The claims of the lawsuit are public and can be downloaded here.

Well, now, it seems some more truth to the matter is starting to seep out. Research In Motion has apparently filed a suit against Kik messenger for patent infringement. The lawsuit was filed in Canada’s Federal Court in Toronto, in court file T-1996-10.

Kik messenger has grown tremendously in its first month of existence, with over 2.5 million users. As we suggested, it does appear that RIM felt Kik was a threat to the BBM platform. This is likely so as BBM is RIM’s main marketing ploy in its attempt to attract new users to BlackBerry. Nevertheless, the lawsuit is likely due to Kik’s imitation of the sent, delivered, and read indicators when a message is sent.

While the current lawsuit has been filed in Canada, it is likely we will see a U.S. filing shortly. It is a sad day for past Kik users on BlackBerry devices, as this is almost a sure sign Kik will not be returning to the BlackBerry platform.

via David Lam