We exclusively told you that RIM would be releasing BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 in App World on July 27th. Well, they seem to be only 34min late. Who cares, the best part is that BBM 6 is here as planned. Along with the release of BBM 6 is select BBM connected apps that integrate the popular functionality of the BBM service to create an unmatched socially-connected experience for users. BBM connected apps allow users to easily connect and interact with each other from within the application over BBM.

Key features of BBM connected applications include the ability to:

  • Share app experiences with friends – invite a BBM friend from across town or the world to join you in social game play, share restaurant suggestions, or collaborate through productivity apps – without leaving the app
  • Have a BBM chat within apps – invite your BBM friends to join a game to get the scores and start talking about the game within the app
  • Discover apps through friends – find new apps by viewing BBM connected apps that are automatically posted to a BBM friend’s profile
  • Show off – display status updates on your BBM profile such as app status updates, trophies, achievements, pushed data alerts and more
You can get BBM 6 in App World here and BBM enabled apps in App World too, here.