On the BlackBerry Developers Blog, RIM outlined the evolution process of the BlackBerry 10 SDKs until it goes gold. This evolution process will include the addition of new APIs from BlackBerry 10 that developers will have access to. RIM says as they evolve the BlackBerry 10 SDKs, these deep integration APIs will be made available, but they aren’t quite ready for 3rd party consumption yet. Here’s just a few of the APIs RIM will open up in upcoming betas:

  • BBM™
  • PIM (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes)
  • Messages/Email
  • NFC
  • Share/Invoke Framework
    • Adding your menu item to an existing app
    • Invoking and being invoked by another app
  • String pattern registry
  • Geocoding & reverse geocoding
  • Bluetooth®

If you haven’t yet, make sure you grab the SDKs and start building the core of your application to ensure that you’re ready to integrate these features as soon as they’re available.