Research In Motion is at it again with what could be another revolutionary feature in smartphones. RIM has pushed a new patent application to the USPTO titled, “Thermographic Augmented Reality Display in an Electronic Device.” The patent describes the application as an electronic device with which you’re able to configure a future smartphone’s camera to capture thermal images from persons, places, and things. You could theoretically then use that information to locate people, parks, find objects, or anything.

So far it is just an application and the USPTO must still review it before granting RIM the rights of ownership. However, the odd thing of all is that usually, paralegals or for-hire lawyers sign the Power of Attorney docs to transfer (assign) patents from one inventor or company to another. All of that gets recorded in the assignee database. This patent similarly went from an inventor to RIM as an assignment, but instead of lawyer or paralegal, former CEO Jim Balsillie signed it.

Thanks Stephen!

via TechRepublic