North Korea hasn’t been a country most noted to be on the forefront of technology. However, with their recent introduction of a 3G network by Egyptian-based Orascom, many key players have their eyes targeted to this emerging market.

RIM is one of the key players competing to get BlackBerry devices into North Korea. “It’s an incredible opportunity, one that we never would have imagined even earlier this year. While we knew that cell phones had started to infiltrate the country we had no idea it had spread so widely,” said a spokesperson for Research in Motion. “It’s an incredible opportunity and we hope this is going to be an ever expanding market for us.”

While RIMs marketshare has been dwindling in North America, elsewhere in the world BlackBerry is still a hugely popular brand. Emerging markets has been the life of RIM for the past two years. Gaining a position within North Korea will only further advance the BlackBerry platform as a great mobile device for new smartphone owners.

via ScrapeTV