*UPDATE* – Press conference is now over. Check out the takeaway points below.

Just like yesterday, RIM is holding another press conference today at 10am. This should hopefully be a nice follow up to the statement from Co-CEO and founder, Mike Lazaridis. You can join in the conference call as well by visiting here. Stay tuned to this post as we will be updating it with any news that may come from the conference call.


  • Both Mike and Jim are at the conference call.
  • They will work to mitigate this problem for the future
  • Discussing what happened with the core switch and backlog, which later crashed Americas servers.
  • They are auditing the system to figure out the root cause
  • RIM hasn’t focused on compensation of any kind for those BES and BIS affected.
  • Root cause investigation will take some time.
  • Mike was too busy commanding the team to correct the issue, reason he did not make an apology video earlier.
  • This was the largest BlackBerry outage in the history of the company.
  • “This hasn’t been about pointing fingers, it has been about the customers” – Mike L
  • They’re fully committed to win BlackBerry customers trust, 100%.
  • Adding QNX to BIS and BES was not related to outage.