Getting pretty excited for the next iteration of the BlackBerry OS? Ya that recently renamed one that now dons the ‘lucky’ number 7. Unfortunately, for those hoping to get OS 7 on any BlackBerry device currently on the market today, you won’t. RIM announced the lack of legacy support for OS 7 on older devices at today’s Bold 9900 unveiling.

This may seem like a stab in the heart to many, but RIM stands behind their decision to keep all past devices locked on OS 6, since OS 7 requires higher hardware specs to efficiently perform. The Bold 9900 will have a 1.2GHz SnapDragon processor and increased RAM. Are you upset at the fact that OS 7 will not be coming your way (unless to BUY a newer BlackBerry)? Or, do you understand that OS 7 just couldn’t function correctly with your old hardware, and therefore you accept it?