Research In Motion’s current marketing campaign to try and attract new users to BlackBerry device is the BlackBerry Messenger. Until recently, BBM was a very unique chat client only known to BlackBerry devices. However, developers have caught on and have developed BBM-like apps available across multiple platforms.

RIM has apparently had enough with the craze that has started to pick up with the Kik messenger. First, RIM pulled Kik from the BlackBerry App World and had Kik take down the download links from their website. In a recent blog post from Kik, it appears that RIM is taking it a step further to end Kik on BlackBerrys:

“Kik had already been excluded from BlackBerry App World, so no new Kik downloads have been possible for BlackBerry users. But now RIM has shut down “push” access; as a result, messages to BlackBerry users will be delayed by up to an hour. RIM has also now removed access to the BlackBerry Software Development Kit and Signing Keys, so any future development is frozen.

On behalf of our nearly one million Kik users on Blackberry devices, we truly hope RIM reverses these steps.”

There has yet to be an official remark from RIM on the matter. Therefore, it is still unclear if RIM has decided to kill the Kik messenger due to its likeliness of BBM. Neverthless, if RIM’s actions are in such a way to secure the BBM likelihood, this a very poor move on their part. We are eagerly waiting to hear the reasons from RIM. What are your thoughts on this matter?

You can read the full Kik blog post here. We recommend you contact RIM anyway you can and tell them you want Kik back, or at least give you a legitimate explanation for its ban.