In a report from PRWeek, Research In Motion is said to be on the hunt for new PR representation in North America. Currently, RIM has used Edelman for its social media and Razorfish is its digital marketing agency. The fact that RIM is seeking new representation could mean their current marketing strategy has seen lackluster effects on the market and they’re looking to re-brand themselves to some degree.

‘The recent launch of BBM 6 shows that RIM is moving towards the development of more sophisticated social apps. This will help differentiate its smartphones and keep up with Apple.’ said Chris Norton, Lucre Social senior account director. Norton added, ‘The Google Android market is pretty worried about the new iPhone, with some predicting a drop-off in sales of up to 40 per cent. The news is even worse for BlackBerry, with 67 per cent of its users saying they’re moving to the iPhone with their next purchase.’

It isn’t clear which PR agencies RIM has had initial meetings with. The report suggests RIM is open to a full pitch. Do you believe a new branding campaign could save the BlackBerry platform? RIM is most likely gearing up a new PR agency to represent the new stage of RIM with the introduction of QNX BlackBerry superphones.