The other day users in the APAC region suffered a minor BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) outage. This sparked the usual spammers to begin those erroneous and otherwise annoying widespread broadcast messages.

The hoax broadcast message that spread throughout Indonesia stated that the “server is back online but instructs users to forward the message to spread the information.” Further claiming if the user did not forward the message that all of their contacts would be deleted and their account suspended.

Additionally, the message said that after it had been broadcasted to all contacts, a symbol would pop out confirming the phone had been automatically updated. Of course, it was a hoax all along.

Research In Motion never sends out broadcast messages requiring users to take action. “It was not an official statement from RIM,” said RIM Indonesia public relations manager Yolanda Nainggolan. Don’t be fooled. The only thing you’ll ever get from RIM is a great messaging tool called a BlackBerry smartphone.

via TempoInteractive