We’ve seen Research In Motion push ‘system messages’ to your BlackBerry Messenger in the past. Although, these messages were usually only to let you know that your groups and/or contacts were being recovered. However, in a new unreleased build, BBM v6.0.1.21, RIM seems to be taking advantage of the system message feature and enhancing it just a bit.

The most recently spotted example of this is a system message to entice users to install BBM connected apps. Once the user clicks on the message ‘bait’, they are taken to a page describing what BBM connected apps are and gives them the option to ‘explore’ the apps by taking the user to App World.

This could mean countless other ‘marketing’ pushed notifications to the 50million+ BlackBerry Messenger users. Could this be the start of an ad service we believe could be used if BBM ever went cross-platform? Could this system messaging service be used to notify BlackBerry users of other updates, BIS outages, or more? The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure. This is a new service, with new files embedded into BBM, and it seems kind of cool from a marketing perspective.