Research In Motion is starting to expand its manufacturing facilities across the world. RIM will soon be adding Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to its list of places a BlackBerry will be manufactured. In an investment that is said to cost RIM $23 million, Argentina’s President Christina Fernandez, happily tweeted the news. Here is an English translation of what she tweeted:

In partnership with the firm Brightstar, to produce BB start in Tierra del Fuego. Replace imports for u $ s200 million. Argentina will become the 9th country in the world produce BB and 2nd in South America (with Brazil). Thus, domestic demand will be supplied BlackBerry by 70% for domestically produced equipment.”

RIM had also recently set up shop in Malaysia. Let’s hope all these new facilities will mean RIM will be able to get [OS 7] devices across the world, and quickly.

via Techn0sexual