Research In Motion has had many OEM accessories built. Many include their own designed cases, bluetooth headsets, and more. has apparently gotten a hold of a PDF showing some of the allegedly new accessory products coming this year.

The first product is a “personal audio speaker” dubbed the ‘PS3’. This Bluetooth speaker has a clip, which allows you to put it on a seat belt, laptop bag strap, and much more. The source claims that, “Tests conducted in Waterloo suggest that the sound quality is at the level of other brands in the price range of 100 euros or more.” This accessory is said to become available for the 2012 holiday season.

The next accessory RIM is said to release is the HS-250 Bluetooth headset, which will come in multiple color options. Not much was said about this accessory other than showing the six color options and revealing the HS-250 can connect to 2 devices with 5hr talk time and up to 200hrs standby time.

What do you think of these new accessories supposed to be coming soon? Are you interested in the BlackBerry Bluetooth speaker? Perhaps it will allow for a direct connect to any BlackBerry like the BlackBerry Music Gateway? Let us know if you’d buy any of these.

via BerryReview