The WSJ is reporting that Research In Motion is looking to unload some of its recent acquisitions. One of those is the cloud services company, NewBay, which RIM acquired last October for $100 million. This news comes a day after Bloomberg recently reported IBM has made an informal effort to acknowledge their interest in RIM’s enterprise services.

“RIM is soliciting and engaging potential buyers for pieces of the company, and at the same time trying to get a better understanding of the value of the different parts of the company,” sources told the WSJ. In contacting RIM, spokesman Nick Manning noted to us, “RIM doesn’t typically comment on speculation about potential acquisitions and divestitures.”

Whether true or not, RIM has been on a plan of action to accomplish $1 billion in savings by the end of its current fiscal year. RIM has already begun cutting 5,000 jobs and has even sold one of its private jets. Cloud services have become an integral part of the mobile space. Though RIM had cloud services before it was dubbed ‘cloud’, the company hasn’t been proactive in the area. If RIM does sell NewBay, do you believe this will hinder their efforts for a solid cloud service?

via WSJ