Tactus Technology showed off today at SID Display Week 2012 an Android tablet prototype with a haptic feedback user interface that can appear and disappear. What this means is that, when the user wants, the keys can rise out from the screen making it feel like actual keys are in place. The “keys” can go back into the screen as if they weren’t even there.

This awesome technology is based on “microfluidics”, under the touchscreen is a fluid, a special type of oil. This oil is pumped and sent through a number of channels to form the shape of the keys. For now Tactus Technology only has a predefined pattern for the keys, which is a QWERTY keyboard, but the idea is that in the future even apps can take advantage of this technology.

This is definitely one big step forward, but is this something RIM should consider? We all know RIM for making amazing QWERTY keyboards, and there are probably many of you out there who wouldn’t give up on that for nothing. Would you as a BlackBerry user choose this over a regular touchscreen or QWERTY keyboard? Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!