Earlier today during a breakfast at the BlackBerry DevCon 2010, a Research In Motion VP confirmed that the QNX operating system (as seen on the PlayBook tablet) would be used in future BlackBerry devices. The QNX system is said to eventually replace the entire BlackBerry OS.

We’re aren’t too surprised to hear that the QNX OS will become the new standard for BlackBerry smartphones, but don’t expect it anytime soon. The RIM VP says, “BlackBerry 7 would likely be a stepping stone to a full switch”.

The QNX OS should be a stellar move for the BlackBerry platform. The QNX system will bring a lot to the table in allowing for efficiency, low power consumption, integration of Adobe Flash and AIR, 3D rendering, interoperability of some current apps, and good developer support.

It is safe to say that we should see future BlackBerry devices with a very solid OS. We’re very excited for the future of RIM and BlackBerry, and can’t wait for the PlayBook to be released. What are your initial thoughts on QNX?

via IntoMobile

*NOTE* Just in case you did. No, the image above is not real.