We first heard of a BlackBerry 10 slider with the news of the device codenamed ‘Milan’. The ornamental design looked a bit rugged and vastly resembled the Porsche Design style. Our sources later informed us that RIM scrapped the Milan project, but it wasn’t clear if a BlackBerry 10 slider was still planned.

Nonetheless, one of our sources tells us there is a new revision of a BlackBerry 10 slider. The new revision is internally codenamed R076. We’re told the new BlackBerry 10 slider features a curve design, which reminds us of the BlackBerry ‘Blade’ concept art we saw from an independent design firm sent to CB (pictured above).

The thing about a BlackBerry 10 slider is that it makes sense. Depending on its aspect ratio, nearly all apps designed for the PlayBook could be compatible with a slider. It’s hard to imagine successful app compatibility on a normal QWERTY device, like a Bold. But, you shouldn’t rule out a BlackBerry 10 Bold device either. Keep it locked to N4BB as we continue to gain more info on the BlackBerry 10 slider.