It is typical for us to do patent hunting, for the simple fact that it can sometimes help give insight into possible upcoming new features, devices, etc. This time we found a patent re-filed on April 29, 2010 for conference calls interface. It takes the single image you have picked for each contact and displays it as an avatar along with their name and phone number while on a conference call.

The current conference call interface is far from pretty looking. It appears that RIM is looking to do a complete overhaul. From the patent images it looks as though you could have up to 14 individual participants on a call.

We also see that it looks as though you can cycle through the participants of the conference call and select certain options.

It would be very nice to see this implemented. It could certainly help with business users, which is of course RIM’s main demographic. Would you like the conference call interface to look like this, as it appears in the patent?