RIM has said that they’re bringing NFC to the 2011 BlackBerry lineup. So far we showed you the Smart Tags app, which is the first NFC app for OS 7 (formerly OS 6.1). In OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, that still unannounced ‘Bold Touch’, there is a section where you can manage ‘Smart Accessories’.

We have been pondering on what exactly this section could be for. Apparently, nothing happens when opening it, considering there aren’t any ‘Smart Accessories’ to manage, yet. We came to the conclusion that this section could be to manage NFC enabled accessories. So, the accessories would be ‘smart’ by being self-aware. In other words, a dock that knows it is docked, bluetooth headset that knows it is paired to the BlackBerry, etc. Or, this could just be a simple way to manage your accessories more efficiently.

We wish we knew ‘what happens’ when the accessories are connected and what options there are to manage them. Maybe we’ll see a demonstration at BlackBerry World 2011? The possibilities of NFC are looking up and we’re eager to see what new functionalities arise in OS 7 and the next-generation of BlackBerry smartphones.