Kodak has run out of film. No really, they’ve recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They’re now apart of the ‘patent troll’ posse by filing suits against RIM and others related to image capture and processing technology. Here is RIM’s official statement on the matter:

“RIM is ready and willing to proceed to trial today but Kodak asked the court to delay the trial until August.  Moreover, RIM is willing to pay for its use of valid patents–RIM pays hundreds of millions of dollars annually for patent licenses. But RIM believes that Kodak’s main patent in this dispute, the ‘218, is neither valid nor infringed and RIM’s position was supported by one of the nation’s most respected patent judges, the International Trade Commission’s Chief Judge Luckern.”

It almost appears as the dying Kodak seeks to gain a little bit of cash money before completely going under. It will be interesting to see the end result sometime in August 2012.