Yesterday, we reported on the research note from Detwiler Fenton. This was the first time the research firms note regarding Research In Motion had made publicity.

Detwiler made claims that the BlackBerry 10 L-Series wouldn’t release until March on AT&T and T-Mobile, followed by a May release on Sprint and Verizon. Additionally, Detwiler claimed the full QWERTY keyboard N-Series wouldn’t release in the US until June.

In regard to the analyst claim, RIM issued the following statement:

Details of the commercial availability for BlackBerry 10 will be announced at the global launch events on January 30. Our executives have made it clear that the touch screen device will be available shortly after launch with the physical keyboard version to follow shortly after that.”

Despite it being relatively vague, it is still a pretty good indication that BlackBerry 10 devices won’t be as delayed as Detwiler predicts. Furthermore, we’re pretty confident in RIM getting BB10 to market in a timely manner. It’s an understood fact that is a necessity. Rest easy and stay psyched for BB10 in Q1 of 2013!