While at DevCon Europe, Alec Saunders, RIM’s VP of Developer Relations, broke out on stage rocking quite possibly one of the coolest T-shirts ever. As shown in the photo above, Alec’s self-made T-shirt evangelizes the BlackBerry mantra with the slogan “Keep Calm and Be Bold”.

Alec has been spearheading the BlackBerry evangelical program since he started at RIM in August 2011. His program seeks to show developers why they should bring their apps to the BlackBerry platform. One of his most notable talking points is the ‘BlackBerry Myths’ he loves to bust. You can see them more in depth here.

Nevertheless, we love to see Alec’s strong enthusiasm and drive for the future of BlackBerry. We caught up with him to pick his brain about a few things, look out for the interview coming up soon.