Today, Risto Mobile announced that their flagship app, PicStory has surpassed the 4 million monthly active user mark, as well as receiving the Built for BlackBerry 10 Certification.

Risto Mobile Solutions will also take part in the Singapore launch of BlackBerry 10, being among the top 5 key developers in the country that received an invite.

Pic Story is a very cool app and its great to see a developer gaining traction on BB10 aside legacy devices. Below you can find the press release.

2013, Singapore – Risto Mobile Solutions is proud to announce that it has
surpassed the 4 million monthly active users mark.
With over 25 million downloads, PicStory is the original photo sharing app on
BlackBerry. It enables the user to compose collages and apply filters, before sharing it
to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and BlackBerry Messenger. It is
available on both BlackBerry and Android. Users are also able to browse, like, comment
on and make friends from all around the world via this app.
Risto Mobile Solutions is one of the early supporters of the BlackBerry 10 platform,
porting its flagship app PicStory over in time for the global launch of BlackBerry 10 after
winning the Jakarta Hackathon 2011 as well as being invited to present on stage at the
BlackBerry Jam Asia Keynote in Bangkok. We are also delighted to be a part of the
Singapore launch of BlackBerry 10, being among the top 5 key developers in the
country invited. PicStory was co-developed in our Singapore and Jakarta studios.
“PicStory on BlackBerry 10 offers unparalleled performance and user experience,
having been written from the ground up for BB10. We are really able to offer a whole
new performance and whole new experience on the Z10 powered by BlackBerry 10,
and we intend to release an updated Android app in the near future,” said Mr Michael
Boon, CEO of Risto Mobile Solutions.
“In business, they say turnover is vanity, while profit is sanity. If we were to apply this to
the app market, it would go something like; number of total downloads is vanity, number
of monthly active users is sanity,” said Mr Wvgen Wong, Chief Architect of Risto Mobile


Risto Mobile Solutions is a leading developer of consumer applications on mobile
computing platforms such as BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Symbian, and Brew. With
offices in Singapore and Indonesia, our team dream up and engineer innovative apps
such as SlideLauncher, Picstory and Gift&Take that bring joy to millions of users
worldwide. We are a BlackBerry Alliance Elite member.