Healthcare is one of the most rapidly evolving industries in the world. Mobile technology is having a huge impact in how doctors, nurses, and hospital employees address the needs of patients, so it makes complete sense for health organizations to keep their MDM providers near the top of the list of priorities.

Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) is a Denver-based nonprofit that serves nearly 10,000 individuals with cognitive and intellectual impairments. They employee 350 people that need to “communicate on-the-go and share critical data and information while visiting and working with children, individuals and families who have suffered brain injuries, developmental delays and much more.” Back in December of last year, we found out RMHS turned to BlackBerry for their mobile device management needs, and apparently it was a great choice for them.

RMHS’s IT Manager, Frank Baer, wrote a fantastic piece on exactly why the company went with BlackBerry (which you can read here), and how it helped their EHR transition. Among the points Baer makes security, remote control of devices, simplicity, and having products being future proof are mentioned; staples of the BlackBerry Enterprise brand, and features CEO John Chen has reminded the public of on countless occasions.

It’s no surprise to see companies making the switch to BlackBerry when security is essential. It’s also even more encouraging that these are organizations in the U.S., a region where BlackBerry products aren’t as popular within consumers. Hopefully even more healthcare organizations buy into BlackBerry. It would definitely be a step forward for them as a company, and the brand as a whole.