There’s a new rumor circulating the Internet that says the Boy Wonder might appear in some fashion in next year’s Batman/Superman film. If you’ve seen and dissected the most recent trailer for Dawn of Justice, chances are you recognize the screen grab above of what looks like Robin’s suit with some choice words spray painted on it.  This is where the newest rumor is originating. Potential spoilers are below!

If Heroic Hollywood is to believed, this shot means that Robin exists in this universe and was murdered by the Joker. They believe we will see a flashback scene of that with Eli Snyder, son of film’s director, playing the character.


Apparently young Snyder was seen on set recently, and he seems to fit the build for a superhero sidekick. While this is still very much a rumor, it is definitely a strong possibility. Eli has starred in his dad’s films before. Previously he played a young Leonidas and young Rorschach in 300 and Watchmen, respectively, so it wouldn’t be too much of  stretch if he found his way as Robin in this film.

Only time will tell if this rumor proves to be true. We’ll find out when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on  March 25, 2016.