The big news today is that BlackBerry 10.3.1 is officially available for rollout. A great deal of you have already started upgrading, while the rest of you have your hands in the air wondering what the deal is. Thankfully, Rogers has let us know when they expect to have the OS roll out.

Any time a smart phone manufacturer has an update ready to send out to its phones, it has to pass through a few hurtles with carriers. Each provider has to put the OS through its own tests to make sure it’s up to par for their devices. Sometimes this takes no time at all, other times it takes a bit longer.

That’s going to be the case with a majority of carriers in different nations over the globe. If your device hasn’t prompted you to update your phone yet, that’s because your carrier hasn’t approved it.

Rogers let one of their customers know that 10.3.1 will be available on the BlackBerry Passport sometime in March. While it is a bit strange that the update is ready to go on the Z10 and Q10 but not the Passport, Rogers assures its customers that it should be ready to go in only a couple weeks.

We’re reaching out to various other mobile carriers in North America and will let you know when their updates are expected to begin pushing out as soon as we hear from them.