Canada’s largest wireless company, Rogers, will soon push a sharp dagger deep into RIM’s heart. Rogers announced that they will soon offer their corporate customers alternatives to BlackBerry. Rogers is teaming with Montreal-based, Trellia, to allow for more businesses to use Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android devices.

“My 19-year-old daughter with her iPhone would say ‘why do I want to be given that RIM thing, why can’t I just use my iPhone in the enterprise that I’m working for now’,” said Mansell Nelson, vice-president for Rogers’ machine-to-machine business. “That’s a tide that I’m not sure you can stop.”

The reason for opening up to other platforms is that “This is driven by customer demand,” Nelson said. The Trellia service will cost around $3.33 USD with no up front costs and it will be rolled into the customer’s bill. RIM charges an estimated average of $4.67 a month, which makes up 80% of their earnings, said ThinkEquity analyst Mark McKechnie.

RIM did announce they would support non-BlackBerry devices on BES this year. However, RIM does not seem to be moving quickly to open up the support for iPhone, iPad, and Androids just yet. Do you think it would be a smart move for RIM to support non-BlackBerry devices? Or, lose out to a fast growing competition like Trellia?

via Reuters