This is a very simple platformer-Roller takes gamers across nearly 40 levels and 6 different worlds. Goal is to collect coins and defeat enemies along the way. The mechanics remind me of Mario or Sonic bundled into one. Game physics are fun and while bare bones setting wise, the application will grow to build in tutorials and help/settings. At present it’s a nice calming game that’s worth turning up the volume for. Nice ambient tunes for each world adds to the pacing and I really like that there isn’t a lot of information upfront, it’s a simple game that one has to figure out simply by playing it. It’s fun to explore the physics of the game.

Game gets a bit challenging, finding out to how to progress forward through the different levels. The graphics are smooth and I didn’t at first even notice it was an Android port. Game launched in full screen (which shows of a proper porting job). Currently this game is only supported on 10.2.1+ devices but the developer will continue with updates and enhancements as the app matures.


Roller is also set to move cross-platform to almost all devices in the future to iOS App Store, Cydia, Google Play, Amazon, Tizen Store, Mac, Windows 8, Windows Phone Store. You can learn more about Roller from iAm Jake Apps.