A source recently let a rumor slip that part of this new partnership RIM has launched with Microsoft would be very prominent on the PlayBook in more than just Bing. The source mentioned that RIM is actively working  to bring Microsoft Office Suite to the PlayBook. Currently, they are trying to decide in what way will this be implemented on the tablet. The question is whether or not these will be web apps of 365 or solid apps on the device. Pricing and availbility are also up in the air to whether this will be pre-loaded as a trial or if this is a download from App World.

The most interesting note is that it looks like there may be an option for Outlook on the PlayBook and RIM is currently deciding if that could be a replacement for a native email app. This could be why we are still waiting on native PIM on the PlayBook. Take this with a huge grain of salt, but we could see this finalized in the next few months.