If you’re an avid rumor junkie you’ll know at times it can be hard to keep track of them all. Here we have compiled all the currently published and some other rumors surrounding the first QNX BlackBerry Superphone ‘Colt’. Feel free to add rumors you’ve heard in the comments below and discuss them in the forums.

  • BBM video chat going to be a feature on the QNX Superphone, read more.
  • RIM could bypass carriers to push out OS updates, read more.
  • The ‘Colt’ will release before the end of 2011, read more.
  • Superphone should support Android apps, read more.
  • First specs revealed, 10″ PlayBook cancelled in place of QNX Superphone, read more.
  • Condename is ‘Colt’ will have different kind of BES support, read more.
  • First QNX Superphone will be an all touch slate, says RIM VP, read more.

We’ve heard ourselves that this device is currently in a wide-range field testing throughout the world. As 2011 draws to a close, we’re very eager to see more rumors and information pop-up for the first QNX BlackBerry Superphone.