S4BB let us know that they’ve been working diligently to make their apps ready for BlackBerry 7 devices and OS. We’re glad developers seem as eager about BlackBerry 7 as we do. S4BB’s word about it all:

RIM’s new OS 7 is causing quite a buzz in BlackBerry® land and abroad. For sure we are excited about it! Here at S4BB Limited we had the privilege to work with the new OS for quite a while now to make sure our apps are all compatible with the newest OS and devices (yes we had the Torch2 9810 & the Torch Touch 9860 for quite a while as well :p).

Taking advantage of this “developers perk” we’ve tested each of our apps extensively for the past 2 months. The result is that all our BlackBerry® applications are compatible with OS 7 and can be used on the newest devices like the Torch2 9810, the Torch Touch 9850 / 9860 and the Bold Touch 9900 / 9930, unless stated differently in the application description.

Memory Booster, Photo Booth, Battery Watch, Easy Smiley Pack and all our other apps are all useable with new OS 7. We’ve updated the apps where needed to meet the new high resolution screen standards, making them even more sexy.”

We’re also eager to see what new types of apps BlackBerry developers can create by utilizing the new features found in BlackBerry 7. Developers will soon have access to developing apps with gyroscope, 3D, and NFC (Bold 9900/9930 only). It is exciting times and we’re happy to see S4BB starting the lead.