S4BB Limited just released a new update for Signal Booster. This application is an absolute must for BlackBerry users who often find themselves in badly covered network areas. Thanks to Signal Booster you can get the most out of the available signal. Simply press the “Signal Boost!” button. The application then resets your voice, data and internet connection. The best possible reception is chosen and your connections come back up again automatically. Signal Booster can increase your BlackBerry signal strength with a stunning 60%.

The new update comes with an improved algorithm, resulting in a better boost. Besides improving the functionality of the application, they’ve also built in a new feature. With the new update it’s possible to see your current radio signal strength by simply opening your menu list.

Signal Booster is available for $4.99 at the N4BB App Store. This update is free for user who already have Signal Booster 2.0 installed.