S4BB let us know that they have released a new application for BlackBerry devices called Contact LED Indicator. With this application you can assign different LED colors to your top 10 favorite contacts. Whenever someone you assigned a custom LED color to calls you, your BlackBerry LED will blink in that color. If you miss a call from a contact person you assigned a color to, the light will keep blinking in the specific color.

Contact LED Indicator Features:

  • 10 custom colors to choose from
  • See right away who’s calling you
  • The color of the light tells you who called last
  • Assign colors with a simple click
  • Light footprint; runs silently in background

Contact LED Indicator is available on BlackBerry App World and the N4BB App Store for $1.99. This app is compatible with all BlackBerry devices, OS 5.0 and up.