Research in Motion was once the uncontested king of Enterprise mobile solutions. A RIM sales representative met with Chief Information Officers (CIO’s), Chief Technology Officers (CTO’s) and IT managers. They sold an organization on a platform of mobile email delivery and control in a time when access to such services was rare, risky and costly. BlackBerry was the best solution and the sales were technical.

The days of CIO’s and CTO’s solely making the big decisions are over. It is no longer an operational decision that dictates device choice and policies; business needs and users are the driving force. Users demands are driven from TV, Internet, Friends, and Retail sales representatives like Carrier reps and Electronic store reps.

Technology has come a long way to allow near every mobile phone to have the basic needs of business so selling the solution is only half the job.

Along with the Name change from Research in Motion to BlackBerry, a change in sales strategy needs come along with it. BlackBerry 10 isn’t just a simple App launcher.

BlackBerry 10 represents a shift in how we use mobile devices – no more in and out of apps. BlackBerry 10 embraces gestures and flow from function to function.

BlackBerrys need to be sold to people (not just CIO’s). BlackBerry can’t simply be marketed; people need to be shown the power of BlackBerry 10 hands on.

Today’s BlackBerry buyer is buying 1 device for themselves and maybe making a decision on a family’s purchases this buyer isn’t meeting with a BlackBerry representative. They are walking into a store with intrigue from the message marketing sold them and they want that idea reinforced by the retail sales representative.

Today’s BlackBerry needs to sell to the retail sales people, thus selling to the user. Retail sales people get to play with the latest and greatest smartphones from every manufacturer day in and day out. BlackBerry needs to set themselves apart when training retail representatives. Using the same 3rd party rep house as HTC or other Brands isn’t the way to do that.

BlackBerry needs to Engage Retail reps. Having a person with a email address to ask questions of and to BBM will go a long way to feeling like they are not alone. That same person making follow up calls after training sessions to make sure material in being learned and sharing back with BlackBerry marketing what works and what doesn’t; Working with the Retail reps to give them access to online tools so as they feel the passion they have resources to continue to learn.

BlackBerry is a consumer company now. Consumers need to know how GREAT BlackBerry is and not be talked into the next Android or iOS device to hit the shelf.