Get strapped in, here comes another roller-coaster ride. Despite denials from BlackBerry and Samsung, the rumor of a buyout is continuing.

“Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is actively pursuing a plan to take over or buy a significant stake in BlackBerry Ltd., despite statements from both companies this week denying that such a plan may be in the works,” claims the Financial Post.

Samsung has allegedly sought the help of New York-based independent investment bank Evercore Partners, to outline the case for, and the potential structure of a possible purchase of BlackBerry.

The document was fashioned in the last quarter of 2014. Samsung apparently is very interested in acquiring a part or all of BlackBerry for the right price.

“I can tell you Samsung is contemplating a purchase,” said an anonymous source to the Financial Post. “It’s still being pursued right now. Samsung is still evaluating their options. So it’s still very much an open deal.”

Samsung did hint they may want to one day integrate “BlackBerry technology” deeper into their devices. Though, they refuted any possible buyout offer.

According to the anonymous source, Samsung was caught off guard by the initial leak. Samsung “wanted to send a message to Apple and Microsoft [and] Nokia,” said the source. “[They] wanted to know: What can we pay them, what is a price we can offer [BlackBerry] that we won’t feel embarrassed by … BlackBerry bluffing or simply backing out of a price?””

BlackBerry would have learned Samsung’s price offering through the leak. “This is the sort of thing we wanted to avoid,” the source said.

It will certainly be interesting to watch as the coming events unfold. Could it be a good option for BlackBerry to consider a sale to Samsung should the money be right? Sound off in the comments.