samsung galaxy s8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 should be one of the best phones in 2017. A lot of that depends on how the Snapdragon 835 will perform. The S8 will be one of the first handsets to use this new powerful chipset by Qualcomm. And we must say, on paper, the Snapdragon 835 looks beautiful. The new chipset will bring a lot of new features that Samsung can use for the Galaxy S8. The question is whether all of them will make the final cut. In order to prepare you for what is coming, we take a look at all the features that the Snapdragon 835 supports. Whether they will appear in the Samsung Galaxy S8 is something that time will tell.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Snapdragon 835 supported features

Let’s list some of the better features of the Snapdragon 835, and how they can affect the Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • The chipset will be smaller in size, which will allow for a larger battery. The new chipset has integrated Wi-Fi support, meaning it takes less space and leaves more room for the battery. Remember when the Note 7 exploded because Samsung couldn’t fit the battery inside? They might not have that problem with the Galaxy S8
  • Speaking of the battery, on paper, Qualcomm promises the battery will provide 2.5 hours more than the Snapdragon 820. For those that have forgotten, the Galaxy S7 Edge uses the Snapdragon 820 chipset
  • There is room for improvement of the camera as well. The Snapdragon 835 supports a single 32MP camera, or a 16MP dual camera mount. The Galaxy S7 Edge has a 12MP dual camera snapper
  • The phone should charge faster thanks to the support for new QuickCharge 4.0. The previous phone uses QuickCharge 3.0. According to Qualcomm, QuickCharge 4.0 will power up your phone by 20% faster. I have a Galaxy S6 with QuickCharge 2.0, and it takes one hour and 20 minutes to charge it fully
  • In terms of graphics, the Snapdragon 835 will bring support for 4K Ultra HD Premium video to the Samsung Galaxy S8. In addition, the company says graphics are 25% faster and better than on the Snapdragon 820
  • Another important aspect of the graphics section is the VR experience. The new chipset brings 60 times more colors than the 820 chipset and supports Google Daydream
  • In addition to fingerprint sensor, the Snapdragon 835 supports facial recognition and iris scanning

New Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless Headphones

The new flagship phone by Samsung should provide all around better experience. And Samsung wants to make sure you enjoy your phone without anything disturbing you.

For that manner, the company is rumored to release new wireless noise-cancelling headphones in March. The headphones will cost roughly $140, but there is a chance Samsung might want to tie them with the S8 as a promotion.