Samsung Gear IconX
IconX Wireless Earbuds

iConX Release Date: Now Available!

The Samsung Gear IconX are now available for purchase in various markets around the world. You can buy one in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Australia and Korea. Other regions will also get it eventually.

Once again, these truly wireless earbuds connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can also track your fitness. It has an inbuilt heart rate sensor, a step counter, and a calorie counter. You also get 4GB of inbuilt storage to keep music.

Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds

The newly announced Samsung Gear IconX are wireless earphones that can also track your fitness, and they don’t look bad when doing so.

When we say wireless, we mean truly wireless, which means there are no wires between the two earbuds. We’ve seen several wireless earbuds being launched recently, but nothing from a major smartphone manufacturer.

The Gear IconX is Samsung’s first attempt at fully wireless earbuds and it turned out to be quite good. There are some plus points and negative points to owning the IconX earbuds.

Samsung Gear IconX Features

The design is good and the provided hooks will lock into your ear cartilage to provide a comfortable and secure fit. It weighs as much as coin, which means that you can wear these for more than an hour without discomfort.

The earbuds connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and work in tandem to play music, and also track your fitness. The controls on the earbuds are touch enabled and use gestures such as tap and swipe. You can tap to answer calls/play music and swipe to change tracks and adjust volume. It also has voice confirmations for actions and will work with most Android phones running Android 4.4 or later.

Samsung has also included a few sensors on the earbuds that can track data such as movement, steps, heart rate; distance traveled and calories burned. All the data is then available via the S Health app by Samsung.

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The battery life isn’t great at all and lasts only around an hour on a full charge when streaming music from the phone. It does, however, have an inbuilt storage of 4GB that can store around 1000 songs. Samsung says that the earbuds will last around three and half hours when playing music from the earbuds. So yes, the fully wireless earbuds haven’t been perfected yet.

A pill-shaped carry case for the earbuds also acts as its charger and can provide two full charges. An app is available to manage the earbuds.

Samsung Gear IconX Price and Availability

These aren’t cheap earbuds, but that should be obvious as they do more than just play music wirelessly. The fitness tracking gives them an edge over other wireless earbuds and also the higher price tag, but it’s not so bad.


Samsung will sell the Gear IconX for $199 when it’ll be available later this year. Exact dates are unknown, but you can pick one up in either White, Blue or Black.