Samsung has been known to try out new and crazy things once in a while to try to sell more smartphones, but this one may take the cake. According to evleaks, Samsung is gearing up to launch this keyboard cover along with its Galaxy S6 Edge Plus this week.

This keyboard case – which reminds us of Ryan Seacrest’s Typo keyboard idea – is obviously meant for people that miss their physical QWERTY keyboards, but want Samsung’s software experience instead of BlackBerry’s. That being said, it’s pretty hideous to look at. The keyboard itself just doesn’t look good, and the fact that the case extends off the bottom of the device does not do it any favors overall. We’re not exactly sure how easy it’ll be to attach or remove on the go, or what type of software tweaks Samsung has had to make to get it to work, but should this actually be happening we’ll know soon enough.

If you want a really physical keyboard, the BlackBerry Venice will probably have the best one out there this year. Hopefully the Android rumors for this device pans out and we can have the best of both worlds in one package.

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