The botched Reuters rumor of Samsung planning a buyout of BlackBerry has seen denial from both parties.

BlackBerry was quick to issue a public statement denying the rumor. Head of Samsung’s mobile-phone business, J.K. Shin, also denied the rumor telling the Wall Street Journal, “We want to work with BlackBerry and develop this partnership, not acquire the company.”

Currently, Samsung has partnered with BlackBerry to “provide a highly secure mobility solution for Android” through the use of BES12 with Samsung Knox.

However, Samsung has reportedly been in talks with BlackBerry to extend the scope of their partnership by possibly using BlackBerry technology within Samsung devices. Whether or not this implies a BlackBerry 10 licensing is unclear.

Do you think we may see a BlackBerry 10 enabled Samsung device in the near future? What additional ways do you think Samsung and BlackBerry could extend their partnership? Let us know in the comments.